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Class 2 - Autumn 2017

Welcome to Class 2's working page. We are excited to get started this term and learn all about the new things in store for us. We have been very busy this term already and the children have been settling in really well. Myself, Mrs Edney and Miss Turner are all pleased with how well the children have adapted to a new environment.

Here is some information you may like to read about the things we are up to this term. There is also a PowerPoint presentation on how our new learning logs are going to work through the school. The children are very excited to get started with these.

Click this link to view our curriculum map to see what we will be covering in each subject.

Click this link to view our termly welcome letter to all parents.

Click this link to view our information on our new Learning Logs the children will be doing throughout the school.

Our topic this term is the UK

We have been reminding ourselves on continent work we completed last year and looking at where it is that we live. We will show you some more of what we've been doing as the term develops.

Learning Logs

We will use this space to show you some examples of children's work they complete at home when the learning logs begin to take more shape. 


We made the most of the sunny weather and went outside to do maths. 


PE - Gymnastics

Whilst the year two's go off to the leisure centre every Tuesday learning to swim. The year one's stay and have been learning about balance and coordination in gymnastics. 



Harvest Celebrations

The whole school celebrated harvest in style with a weeks worth of celebration and learning. Class two were very busy learning about how harvest can be linked into the story of creation. We split into groups and performed a drama based on the 6 days of creation. We looked at how things grow, we made our own poetry based on the book 'Red are the apples' and so many more activities. Here are a few snaps of our week.


 Literacy - designing posters and making lists

   For our literacy topic, we took a look at making poster and lists. We had a focus of bonfire night and firework safety. The children in class 2 really enjoyed this topic and we designed a poster to display in the playground to give advice to the other children in the school. 


Science - Sounds

In the first half of the term, class 2 have been discovering different sounds in our science topic. We went around the school and observed the different sounds we can hear and came back to class and made a chart to display in the class. We concluded that class 3 was the noisiest classroom. We also went outside (so we didn't become the noisiest classroom) and experimented in different instrument sounds. The class discovered some instruments can be plucked, hit, scraped or blown.  


PE - Multi-skills festival - at Colfox

Class two joined the other schools in our area and took part In a multi-skills festival led by year 9 pupils. We learnt lots of new skills and had fun mixing with children from the different schools.


Science - The Human Body

In the second half of the term we have focussed our science topic on the human body. We watched some funny videos about the human body and put what we learnt into practice by becoming our own mannequins. We labelled, using whiteboards, the parts of the body we knew. Followed by the new body parts we learnt in the lesson.


D&T - Cooking - Healthy Eating

In D&T, we invited some of our governors to come in and help us with our healthy living topic. Amongst other delicious things we have baked or cooked this term, we made some healthy pancakes. We also made some apple juice which we pressed the apples to get the juice from. Class 2 learnt some very key and basic skills of cutting, breaking eggs, stirring, beating, mixing and peeling.



 Literacy - Chizzy the Tortoise

Class 2 had a lovely visitor in today. Miss Turner brought one of her tortoises in to meet the class before he goes into hibernation. This was a great experience and the children loved meeting him. We then used this experience to write some creative stories involving Chizzy. we took him on some marvellous adventures. Side note..... They are actually quite fast!  


 Art - making vegetable prints using dot painting and printing

In art, we have been learning how to use lines, dots and shapes to create art using paints. The children really got stuck into this and we made some excellent pieces of art.  



Please check back soon to find out what else we have been up to this term.