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Friends of Symondsbury School


The role of Symondsbury Friends

 The Friends Association aims to draw the school community together in order to enrich the education and overall school experience of our pupils through fundraising and social events, to the provision of after school activities and additional opportunities for learning and development.  To help us organise ourselves more effectively as a Friends Association, and to ensure that we are run in a transparent way, we operate under a Constitution, which is available to read and download.  This lays out the foundations and purpose of the Friends Association and what is expected of the Committee. 

 The Committee Roles

Chair Person:  The Chair provides leadership, has strong communication skills, sets the agendas for the meetings, manages the meeting effectively and timely, welcomes contributions and views of all committee members, ensures issues are debated properly and fairly and an agreement is reached, remains impartial is empathetic and liaises with the head teacher on current or future ideas.

Vice-Chair Person:  To actively provide support and advice to the Chair.  Able to provide leadership qualities, strong communication skills and confidence when deputising in the absence of the Chair both at meetings or other social/fund raising events.

Secretary:  This is a key role of the committee and it’s responsible for ensuring effective communication links between committee members, the head teacher, parents and governors. Prepare agendas, provide minute-taking at all meetings and distribute all correspondence accordingly, produce written correspondence, arrange meetings and make bookings for social/fund raising events.

Treasurer:  Managing, controlling and maintaining the financial records, record all income and expenditure, provide an update report at meetings, prepare and co-sign cheques as required, count and bank monies, reconcile accounts at the end of year and liaises with the bank.

 Get involved

All parents, carers, guardians, governors who are parents, teachers at the school are entitled to attend a Friends meeting and our ethos is absolutely “the more the merrier”.  We will achieve the best results for the school if we can draw upon the ideas, interests, talents and enthusiasm of as many people as possible.

However, in order to have a VOTE at a Friends meeting and in particular in order to stand as a nominee for an Officer vacancy, you will need to be a registered member of the Friends Committee.  Any member of the School community can register to be on the Committee at any time, please ask for the simple registration form at the office or speak to a current elected officer.

Our Current Committee officers are:

Co Chair                                Emma Pawley & Vicky Churchill

Vice Chair                              Cat Woolner

Secretary                               Katy Williams

Treasurer                               Alex O'Dwyer

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