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Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School Life at Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School


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 There is always something exciting going on at Symondsbury school and on this page, we will celebrate some of the highlights from this academic year.  Remember to look out for the weekly newsletters, photo gallery and class pages too!

Autumn Term 2019

Our School Vision

Those of you who have been into school this week will have seen our fantastic piece of artwork that hangs in our reception area. The artwork, created by Mrs Edney and the children symbolises our school vision and our 6 Rs. Can you spot them all? A huge thank you to Mrs Edney for sharing her talent with the children and supporting them in creating something so wonderful!

 Our Kenyan School Link

This week Miss Jenkin, Miss Prentice and Mrs Van der Plank met with other teachers from Bridport Schools to start planning our work with our Kenyan link school ‘Gitare Primary School’ in Chogoria, Kenya. The flights have now been booked and plans are afoot to work on our topic of environmental conservation before they embark on their adventure to teach in Kenya in May 2020.


Symondsbury School Development Plan

My thank you to the staff, governors and parents who met to look at our school development plans this week. We had some very exciting meetings where people shared ideas, resources and research to be able to develop areas within our school.


Drama Workshops from the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

The children enjoyed some drama workshops with Georgina from the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy yesterday. They enjoyed playing drama games and improvising in groups, learning new skills and having fun! My thanks to Georgina for coming in to work with the children.

Now Press Play – Thank you to the Friends of Symondsbury School!

Children have been donning their wireless headphones and immersing themselves in other worlds full of adventure, excitement and danger! But don’t worry – it is only in the virtual world. This year, the Friends have very kindly purchased a resource for the school called ‘Now Press Play’. This is a creative way of learning all sorts of topics and the children have thoroughly enjoyed this new ‘hook’ into learning. Without the work of the Friends and the tireless fundraising, we would not be able to support and challenge the pupils with exciting and creative resources.

This is what the children have had to say about ‘Now Press Play’:

Lotte – I like that you can actually do the actions and not just sit and listen.

Bluebell – We did french and there was a whole scene going on. You get to hear a story as well as learning.

Joel – It is quite realistic and feels like you’re there.

Levi – it’s really fun because when you put the headphones you get to solve missions. It’s like virtual reality and you feel like you’re really there.


Class 3 and 4 Hinduism Workshop

Children in Class 3 and 4 have been creative with their topics of Hinduism and Diwali today as Sophie from Education Group joined us in school to teach the children about Diwali celebrations and they developed their skills to paint their own 'Diya' lamp.

They then took part in dance workshops 'Bollywood Style' as Sophie taught them some new moves! She was very impressed with their art and dance skills and they are looking forward to sharing them with parents at a short presentation this afternoon.

Pen Recycling

We now have a huge box in our recycling area where we are able to recycle old pens, whiteboard pens and felt tips. We aim to recycle all of our used pens but if you have any at home, feel free to pop them into our recycling bin. Another of our 100 ways to change the world.

SIAMS Report

As you know, on the 23rd September we had a SIAMS inspection (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. We are very proud to announce that the report is now available for everyone to read and recognises all of the amazing work that the whole school community is doing! Thank you so much to the staff, governors, parents and of course, children, for working so hard to make Symondsbury the school we are so proud of. We have attached a copy of the report for you to read and there is a copy on our website.

Farewell to Mr Streatfeild

Last evening at our Full Governing Body meeting, Mr Streatfeild stepped down as Chair of Governors after 5 years of incredible service. Mr Streatfeild has been a huge support at all times and has challenged myself and the staff to ensure that we have the very best school that we can have. Not only has he been involved in the leadership of the school but he has also been a very active part of our 'Environment Committee' and has decorated the school several times over! Most importantly, George has always had the children at the heart of everything he has done and every decision he has made and I thank him for that. We will miss him as our Chair but he will remain as a Governor to continue supporting the school in other ways and I know he is going on to some new exciting ventures and we can't wait to hear about it!

I am delighted to announce that Alex O'Dwyer will be stepping up into the role of Chair of Governors and Corry Provan will be Vice Chair. We are very excited to see what we can achieve on this new chapter of School leadership.


 Swimarathon 2019

Congratulations to the team of 6 children who took part in the annual Bridport Lions Swimarathon. The children swam lengths between them in 55 minutes, even throwing in a couple of lengths of butterfly for a giggle. They raised and amazing £340. Well done team. Thank you to Jo Armstrong (Alice’s mum) for being team captain.

Class 4 Animation Workshop with Creature Comforts Creator

Today, thanks to funding from Symondsbury School Friends, we had the pleasure of having model maker Chris Brock to hold a model making workshop. Chris has worked on many model animation projects including Creature Comforts, Wallace and Gromit and the DFS advert.

The children have learnt about the model making process and how the films are put together and then had a chance to make their own model under Chris’s instruction.

Class 4 would like to thank Chris for coming in and spending the day with us and the Friends of Symondsbury for allowing us to have this once in a lifetime opportunity.


 Bikeability level 2

This week, 6 children from Class 4 set to the roads with Bikeability Ben to achieve their Level 2 certificate. They have learnt the cycling skills that will keep them safe on the roads. Well done to the first 6 children, there are two more groups to go.

Rock Stars Launch Day

Symondsbury School is going to become one of the 14000 schools that enjoy TT Rock Stars Times Tables Challenge which is an interactive and fun way to help children learn their times tables. We will be launching the day with a special themed dress up day where children can release their inner rock star! Each child will be given their own login so that they can learn at school and at home, practice their tables and win awards and certificates along the way! We ask that all children bring a donation of £1 that will go towards our Kenyan School fund so that we can purchase some exciting resources for the children of Gitare too!

Quick Sticks

This week ten children from Class 4 had the opportunity to play in the 6 - a-side Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament at Sir John Colfox School. They competed against 6 other local primary schools. Some of the children had never played hockey but this didn't stop their determination and competitive spirit. All the children had a fantastic time and played brilliantly as a team. Henry said "Even though we didn't do that well in the tournament it was great fun and an experience. Leila said "It was fun playing against all the other schools, I really enjoyed it because it was my first time and I was quite good at it.

Harvest Celebrations

Thank you to those of you who joined us for our Harvest festival at Church this morning. It was a lovely service and had a real sense of belonging and celebration.

This week has seen a huge range of activities based on the theme of Harvest. Each class took different themes from our Kenyan school link.

In Class 1 children have been grinding wheat to make flour so that they could bake their own bread. They then churned their own butter to make sandwiches for a special picnic. Many of the families in Kenya have to harvest their own foods so the children gained a real appreciation for their food.

In Class 2 We have looked at Kenya as a country. We studied their flag and why it is important to them and their heritage. We also looked at harvest closer to home. We learnt a fabulous song which we performed at the harvest service.

Class 3 have been comparing and contrasting Kenyan farming to farming in Britain this week and learning about sustainable techniques.

Class 4 concentrated their harvest work on global warming and what we can learn from Kenya about renewable energy. We researched global warming, solar energy, ways to save energy and looked at a Solar Light Project in Kenya which has supported the development of children’s education. Class 4 then wrote adverts to persuade people to use renewable energy. After this, they worked as a group to create a poem using figurative language features with impact artwork about renewable energy. Well done class 4, you have produced some fantastic work.

Thank you for all your kind donations of food that will go to the Bridport Food Bank.

Year 1 and 2 Multiskills at Colfox

Class 2 spent much of Thursday morning at Colfox being led by students in year 8. We excitedly took part in a series of different multiskills activities, which the class showed off their talents. It was great fun and the children really enjoyed being at the big school.

Our Colmers Hill Runners!

We had a great run before half term with children in class 3 and 4. The weather stayed dry for us which was very much welcomed as the children ‘raced’ around Colmers Hill. Thank you to the parents who joined us to cheer the children along. Congratulations to Eloise and Marlowe who were the first boy and girl to cross the finish line.

Maths PARTY!

Thank you to those of you who managed to attend our maths PARTY on Wednesday. The children really enjoyed creating ‘real life maths’ activities for you to try out and to see what type of thing you can do at home to help your child with their maths including our TT Rock Stars game. Thank you too to the parents who came to my short chat about maths anxiety and, again, how you can support your child with this. More information can be found at

There are also copies of the handout at the school office.

Book Club with Ros

Children in Class 3 have been taking part in our special ‘Book Club’ where they read a book and then create art work or drama or music or a science experiment to demonstrate their understanding and enjoyment of the book. This group enjoyed a book called ‘The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper’ and created their own scenery using a circuit to light the bulb for the lighthouse. My thanks to Ros for coming into school to work with the children on this.


Remembrance Service

Thank you to those of you who joined us to mark Armistice Day on Monday. The children read beautifully and we, as always, were very proud of their respectful and reflective attitudes within the service. My thanks to Miss Jenkin who organised and led the service so beautifully.

Class 1s visit to the Morrison’s Bakery!

A big thank you to Matt the Baker, Steve and Tina at Morrisons for hosting a fantastic visit for Class 1 on Tuesday. The children loved learning about how they make their bread and were able to help make some bread for the may have bought the bread we made!! We also learnt the secret of how the jam gets in the doughnut and made some ourselves. We learnt a huge amount about the food and how a supermarket works, we even had a go at working on the till, scanning the shopping. Thank you again Morrison’s!

Class 3 trip to Sutton Bingham

Class 3 enjoyed a brilliant class trip to Wessex Water, Sutton Bingham, on Tuesday. The children were given a tour of the water treatment plant which was fascinating and a privilege to be allowed in. This was followed by a lovely walk to the fishing lodge where the children learnt about the water cycle and made a water filter. They had a tour of the reservoir including a walk over the dam. Everyone was a bit windswept but we learnt lots of new things about water! Thanks to the staff of Wessex Water for looking after us.


Sponsored Readathon and Book Fair

THANK YOU so much for all your efforts in encouraging your children to read and gain sponsors. We have raised over £600!! Half of this amount will go straight back into updating our topic and phonic book collections to support your children with their learning. The other half will go straight back to the children who raised the money for them to choose new books to further inspire their reading.

Class 3 Dance Festival Fun

Wow! Class 3 impressed over 150 children from other schools, with their amazing dance skills! Our song ‘Celebrate’ was perfect for rejoicing together. Some lucky members of the class were awarded certificates for their efforts! Everyone enjoyed the afternoon at Freshwater Caravan Park and I know that Year 3 will have some fantastic dance ideas for next year’s Dance Festival. A video of the dance will be up on the website soon! Well done Class 3 for representing our school, in such a positive light.


Class 2 Fabulous Finish!

Class 2 hosted their parents and carers for their fab finish on Thursday. So many parents turned up and the children were so excited to show them everything they had learnt.  We sang a song about Neil Armstrong and re-enacted the first moon landing.  This included planting our home made tie dye flags in the field.


Autumn 2018


International World Peace Day.

The whole school took part in singing the International World Peace Day Song:

  Click here to listen


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela