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Summer 2018 - Our topic this term is Celebrating 150 years of the school

 This year our school celebrates it's 150th birthday.  We will be planning lost of activities and learning around this exciting time. 


Today (20.6.18), the Class 3 golf team beat 18 other schools from across the County to become overall winners, scoring a very impressive 1200 points at Bryanston.  Miss J was treated to the best telephone call ever from the team while she was on Class 4’s residential to sounds of jubilation.  Mrs Meek and Mrs Swift said that the team worked incredibly well together and we very impressive.  This is the first time that we have won the overall competition, so well done Golf Team.  You are all truly amazing.



 150 Years in the making

This week saw our school celebrate its 150th birthday and in our usual Symondsbury flare, we celebrated.  The children in Class 3 worked incredibly had to put together a living museum show casing the first day of the school on 8th June 1868.  Below are a few of the picture that we took, please see the gallery for more.  Miss J and Mrs Meek are extremely proud of the class and the work that the children put in and their enthusiasm in their presentation.


Bring out our inner popstar!

This week we were given the opportunity to go into a recording studio and record a song for the schools 150th Anniversary CD.  It was a great experience for us all.  We cannot wait until the CD comes out.  Top 40, here we come!  Here are a few pictures.  More in the gallery.  







KS2 Bournemouth Sympathy Orchestra Visit

From being popstars on Tuesday to listening to classical music by the Bournemouth Sympathy Orcastera on Wednesday, it has been a week of music and singing.   

KS2 went to Poole to see the Bournemouth Sympathy Orchestra perform in a special concert especially for primary schools.  The children worked with Miss Wakefield to learn songs and actions ready for the performance.  The children’s enthusiasm and actions were commented on by a member of the audience on just how great they all were! We rock!


 Visit to Bridport Museum

Who would have known we would have had such fun with a dressing up box!!  It was definitely the top attraction in the building.  We were looking at how the museum displayed the artefacts and taught us about the past. We have come back with some great ideas for setting up our own museum, but we also had a great time and laugh looking around.  Thank you to Bridport Museum for allowing us in.  Here are just a few of the pictures.  More are on the Gallery tab.


 Showing off the last of our Viking topic

Here is the final picture from our Viking topic this term.  It shows all the things that we have learnt and made over the past few weeks.


Tri Golf Winners! For the third year running! 

On Thursday, Mrs Meek accompanied 10 children from class 3 to take part in the annual Tri-Golf competition held at Colfox. This year’s event saw a whopping 32 individual teams from schools all over the county compete to qualify for the final. Having won the trophy for the last 2 years, the children were definitely feeling the pressure, but in true Symondsbury style, they dug deep and showed true sportsmanship to yet again bring home the trophy. Not only did they come first in their division but they had the highest overall score of all the schools! They celebrated in style each kissing the trophy and holding it aloft with great pride. Well done team, next stop Bryanston!


Class 3 Annual Residential


Class 3 had a great time at Hooke Court this week on a two day Viking and Adventure residential.  Once the children had made their own beds, which was entertaining in itself, a Viking came to our door.  We then spent the morning making a Viking feast of fish pottage, savoury and sweet bread and churning our own butter.  Then we made jewellery and practiced our weaving skills. After lunch the children built a wattle and daub fence and then insulated some walls using a mixture of mud and composted manure.  After all that hard work we sat down to enjoy our Viking feast.  After some more eating we finished off our first day with Viking songs, stories and jokes around the camp fire, nodding off.  

The next day we set off on our becoming Vikings adventure and building a den in the forest. In the afternoon we all attempted to balance ourselves and work as a team as we crossed the low ropes obstacle course and orienteered our way around Hooke Court, before going home exhausted. We all slept very well Tuesday night and all came into school Wednesday with our tales of the residential just a little exhausted. 

As usual the children were incredible and gave everything a go with a smile on their faces and their endless energy exhausted Mrs Meek, Mrs Swift and myself.   More pictures are on the schools website on the gallery page.