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Summer 2020

Hello class three from mrs maggs!

Dear Children and Parents of Class Three,

Hello! It is so nice to be able to meet you (virtually at least!). I'm very excited to be starting my new job at Symondsbury. I have lots of exciting ideas to help us all with our  learning together and I'm looking forward to sharing them all with you.  In the meantime, I will post a weekly collection of ideas and activities on the website each Friday. There will also be some activities to complete on Purple Mash weekly. I will alert you to these via the website, so please do check this page first each Friday.

You can keep in contact with me via the blog on Purple Mash and also by sending me emails via the school office. I would love to hear from you all.

I thought you might like to know a little bit about me, so  I have written you a letter. Click here to read it.

Stay safe.

Mrs Maggs

Parents; please do be assured that the work below is suggested only as a guide for possible home learning tasks. I do not expect for any of it to be completed, your child may wish to complete only the activities they are most interested in, or not wish to do any. Please be led by your child and yourself. These are unprecedented and rapidly changing times. The wellbeing and happiness of each of us is the only thing that matters. Be led by what interests you and makes you happy, you can still share this with me - I would love to keep in touch with what you have been doing, whatever it may be.

Weekly learning 01.06.20




For English this week, why not write me a letter telling me all about you. You can include your favourite things, all about your family and where you live and all about what you have been doing in the lockdown. You can keep your letter to bring back to school when we return, or post it in the postbox addressed to school, or email it to the school office. I look forward to reading all about you!


Have a go at these short tasks daily:

(Click on the tab for the week beginning 1st June and watch the video full screen, have a paper and pencil to hand. You will not need the worksheets.)

Year 3

Year 4

Don't forget to also test your times tables knowledge, you can log on to TTRockstars or try this great website:



Our History topic for this half term is ‘The Anglo Saxons and Viking Britain.’

I would like you to take the next four weeks to research and create a project all about this time in British History. You can present your project in any way you wish – model, booklet, poster, powerpoint presentation, Lego artefact – the possibilities are endless! Each week I will give you a couple of suggestions for things to research but feel free to follow your own lead in your learning decisions.

This week see if you can discover the following:

  • A timeline of Anglo Saxon Britain
  • Where did the Saxons come from?
  • What were the five main kingdoms of Saxon England?
  • Who was Alfred the Great?

Some useful websites:

BBC Bitesize

Primary homework help

Ten minute History - youtube film


Look at the three images shown here and then have a go at completing the observations below:

1. Come up with as  many similarities and differences as you can; think about appearance,what they do and where they might be found.

2. Which one do you think is the odd one out and why?


Let's have a go at some nature art. Watch the video link below and then have a go at creating your own work  of art.

You might be able to use things you already have in your garden, or you might collect items on a walk to create  with when you get home. Or, you might make a nature sculpture while you are out.

Don't forget to take a photo of your finished piece.

Andy Goldsworthy

Other activities:

Purple Mash: This week I have not set any tasks to complete on Purple mash, but do use the blog to say hello.

Reading: Make sure you read daily.

PE: Try out  Gonoodlealso don't forget Joe Wicks, and for those calmer moments, try some Cosmic Yoga.


Remember to look after yourselves and your family. Talk, smile, help around the house. Have fun!


Click here for our termly Class 3 letter

Click here to see our curriculum map to see what we are learning about.

Home learning.

As you will be spending time at home with your children for the foreseeable future, we will be adding a page of ideas for things that you can do at home including work from the purple mash online platform.

PurpleMash - During busy times, the system may crash.  We are not able to do anything about this. Please do one of your paper based activities or something else instead.  

In addition to this check out the Home Learning Page (under Curriculum tab) with links to learning including these that have come from recent government advice:        (Link for lessons from Oak Academy)               (Link for lessons from BBC Bitesize)              (Government guidance for parents and home learning)       (Some useful social stories to point out for parents of pupils with anxiety about current situation)


Please remember at this time that you need to have some fun with your child and enjoy this time with them.  The teaching will come and there is plenty to keep them busy.  Just remember to read with them, practice some of the basics and check out the daily and weekly tasks set out below:

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4
Week 3